Connecting Progressives

Much is happening now . . .

During the course of the 2016 election and since, I have been invited to join several different progressive groups on Facebook and elsewhere.

I immediately noticed how many separate groups, pages, channels and websites have sprung up, many of the very same mind.

I’ve also noticed how many new potential leaders have found a niche to support the progressive movement.

New people are good! It’s a growing movement. (How could it not be given the state of affairs in our country!)

Yet, although I’ve looked for an aggregation of all the many new people and resources, I haven’t found any that I felt were sufficiently user-friendly to suit my tastes, that the new people in the movement could efficiently use to get started. (Although one I’ve recently found with great potential for providing direction is Indivisible Guide.) So, like any good independent-minded progressive, I’ve started one, but . . .

 . . . I need your help . . .

Not your money, but just a little of your time to help me include and organize the vast growing numbers of progressive organizations and resources.

Groups, Channels and Websites?

Here’s my current list of progressive organizations. I’m just getting started. Check it out and see what’s missing. Then, let me know what I should add.

In the comments below, please list your progressive group, channel, or website and provide information so we can list it on our site.

Even if your group is a private group, we would like to know it exists (you can send a private message and let us know your privacy preferences and perhaps one member from your private group can join with us in some fashion so we can exchange information with your group).

Problems or Praises?

If you’ve had problems with any of the groups, channels or websites, let us know. If you have praise for them or recommend particular ones, let us know (and let us know why). The more information about each group, channel, or website that we can collect, the more helpful we will be.

Notable People?

If you know notable leaders in the progressive movement, especially the newer ones, not included here yet, please point them out.


What hashtags have  you found most useful? Which hashtags lead to the best information? Share your experience with us.

 Let’s get organized!

Please let us here from you:

You can also communicate with us on our Facebook or Twitter.

Oh, and also, Please spread the word about our site.

Thank you for your help!

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