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Kevin Gilbert (a/k/a Kevin Gilbertt – due to the name of his Facebook page that streamed the Standing Rock live videos) is notable as a videographer/Life Coach/Commentator who has brought us hours of live video from Standing Rock, showing us what’s really happening and how it contrasts with the propaganda that is being released by other sources. He has been instrumental in promoting fund raisers for Water Protectors who have been injured and in need of extensive medical care. Originally from Letchworth, England, Kevin now resides in the U.S.

Kevin Gilbert is a struggling man. By his own admission, he has struggled with various addictions. He has struggled trying to be financially independent through online and network marketing. But, mostly he has struggled in his search for a real, lasting, substantial meaning to life and the happiness that naturally follows.

“Kevin ‘Happy Chappy’ Gilbert”, as he calls himself in his motivational videos, has clearly achieved substantial success in giving meaning to his life. While he could be called vulnerable due to his sincere beliefs in simple things, he could also be called extraordinary. Told during his 12 Step Program to that one’s goal should be to help others, he believed it, took it to heart. Told again during his MLM training that the route to success is helping others succeed, he believed it again. Before Standing Rock thrust him into the limelight, he was finding his niche as an environmentalist, a poet, a motivational speaker and life coach. Many skeptics, myself included, tend to believe that “helping others” as taught in the MLM context is often used more as a rouse than a sincere directive. Not for Kevin. To him it is serious business. His innocence is his strength. From my research of him, he truly wants to help people and help protect the environment. He truly seems to have been rewarded by his struggles in life with an enlightenment. Now, more than ever, he desires to share that enlightenment and do so, not necessarily for personal gain, but to achieve even more purpose in his life.

Given his past, it is easy for people to find criticisms of Kevin. Since his impactful involvement with the DAPL protest, he has been criticized — and even threatened — by many. But, bottom line, Kevin Gilbert appears to be the real deal. His not-so-secret motivation is simply to be meaningful, make a difference, and help others. In that way, Kevin can be, and is, an inspiration to us all.

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A compilation of many of his live video streams are linked here.

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