Let’s Start with Something Light . . . or Heavy


It was awfully awesome, it was frighteningly bad.
It was the worst and the best experience I’ve had.

It was a beautiful vision, but never in sight.
It was peacefully docile, it wanted to fight.

It was thunderously loud, without making a sound.
It fell from the heavens, it rose from the ground.

The closer it came, the farther it got.
It was sizzling cold, and chillingly hot.

It was sketchedly tall and loftily short.
It grew as it shrank, I have to report.

It shined with great dullness as it blinded my sight.
It had everything wrong, but got everything right.

It showed me great visions that I didn’t see.
It lead me to places that I’d never be.

It came and it went, but never was here.
It comforted me while it filled me with fear.

And, I will never remember what I cannot forget.
As I recount this tale from this place that I sit.

If it happens to you, don’t give it a thought,
but ponder it carefully or it will all be for naught.