November 27, 2016
George J. Little (founder of Indieway)

I woke on the Sunday morning after the 2016 election and made this Facebook post:

“So much is happening so quickly now. Having watched the streets of our cities filled with tens of thousand of protesters after the 2016 presidential election, having watched the surreal episode of Saturday Night Live (where they did not even attempt to start out with humor), having listened to Leonard Cohen even more than usual after his death and having listened to Leon Russell after his death, gives rise to a strange feeling, a sense of something happening, something remote and yet familiar. Aha, it feels like the late 1960’s again. For those of you not alive then, welcome to a world where shit is real. Welcome to an America unraveling at the seams. I’ve been there before and,in a strange, nostalgic way, I look forward to that feeling again. Maybe this time, drugs won’t destroy the movement. Maybe this time, the Renaissance will take full root. After all the painful battles, maybe this time Peace will prevail.”

That feeling has continued and has made me restless.

Progressives need to be smarter and more organized than ever. At a time when many of us feel helpless, the renovation of this website to promote the progressive movement is a little something I can do. Please support me with your participation in this effort to facilitate organization. We all need to act smartly and definitively now to create the America we want. Those of us from my generation (who were active in the 1960’s) want to see it done right this time. We want to see a lasting enlightenment emerge. The world is much better than it was in the 60’s, but it still has a long way to go.

This is not about me. I’m not volunteering to be an instrumental organizer. I’m too old and too tired to fill that role. Rather, this is a website that can do some part to help, mainly by providing information and connections to bring the various people and groups together. Many new people, groups, organizations, movements, and channels are springing up everywhere now and faster than many of us can keep up. Perhaps I can help to aggregate and organize them here in some helpful way. Your participation is needed and appreciated!

Join me by perusing the menu or checking out our recent posts and sharing your comments. Tell us about people, groups, organizations, movements, and channels that we have missed. To keep up with our latest posts and the aggregation and timely posting of articles and videos that are not shared here due to volume, please like our Facebook Page and share comments and information with us there as well.