We are Progressives. We believe in equality of educational and economic opportunity – Every person should have a fair chance to reach their potential. We are concerned about the environment and want to stop the ongoing destruction of our ecosystem. We believe that Black Lives Matter, that Native Lives Matter, that Women should have the same rights as men, that everyone should be free to marry the person of their choice regardless of sex, and that no human should be considered illegal. We are tired of the oligarchy running our country and much of the world. We believe that consumers should have protections and contracts should be fair. We believe in voter protection and fair elections. We want to see money removed from politics. We want politicians to represent us, the voters, and not just special interest. We know that change must happen now or it will be too late.

So, what can we do to make the world a better place beginning right now?

There are things we can do as individuals and things we can accomplish by organizing. We should do both.

Let’s look first at what we can do as individuals. (After all, most of us are progressive because of our independent thinking and desire for independent action.)

– Find out who your local, state, and federal representatives are.

Get their addresses and phone numbers. (Common Cause has a page to help you with that. ). Don’t stop with your representatives’ main addresses and phone numbers; get the addresses and phone numbers of their regional offices in your area as well.

– Let your representatives hear from you.

Remember that all politics is local. Phone the representatives for your districts, both state and federal, write them, drop by their regional offices. Get to know their assistants and field personnel. Learn their names and get to know the field representatives personally. Contact with the field office personnel is far more effective than trying to contact the representative directly. When you write, call, or drop by, speak honestly and from your heart. Don’t just use form communications provided by others. Be friendly and personable. Make it honest and real.

An excellent guide on how to organize and influence your lawmakers is provided by Indivisible Guide. Well worth the read.

– Stay informed.

Know what the current issues are and how they are currently manifested. Follow the news (preferably not cable news or affirmation websites, however). Follow up on what you read by looking up the source materials. If an article refers to a government document or a scientific study, look up and review the document or the study.

– Become resolved with your own views.

Don’t be reluctant or embarrassed to express how you feel. Remember, however, that it is far more effective to express yourself politely and with maturity and understanding that with vitriol.

(An excellent way to stay informed and counter doubt on climate change is SkepticalScience.com’s Global Warming and Climate Change Myths, which provides counters to all of the common climate change deniers’ arguments.)

– Learn the War of Language.

In large part, the conservatives have gained power by taking control of the language. (Look for future articles on this subject on Indieway.) Do not acquiesce in conservatives’ choice of words. Be powerful with the words you choose to use. (See our current article on this subject for more information. )

– Avoid useless arguments.

Those that have become indoctrinated will not yield. Do not yield to them, but direct your efforts where they will do some good. (See our article on this subject for more information.)

– Take some action everyday.

Consistent action is the key to success. If we want to make the world a better place, we need to work at it, doing something, however small, every day.

There is also power in numbers – Organize. There are two ways to become involved in organizing: 1) You can start, or become involved with others who are starting, grass roots organizations; 2) You can become a member of, or contributor to, a larger, established progressive organization.

Grass roots organizations are the best kind. Grass roots organizations consist of people who know each other meeting face to face, speaking person to person, finding ways to be effective together. You can look on Social Media for local progressive groups or organizations to join. If you can’t find any or don’t like the direction of the ones you find, start your own. Exchanging information and ideas on a local level makes your efforts feel more real. It gives you a stronger sense of purpose and provides satisfaction. (And, again, a great guide for this is found at Indivisible Guide.)

Become familiar with and consider joining larger progressive organizations. The strength in numbers gets magnified with these larger organizations. There are many established organizations and new ones are cropping up every day. We offer some assistance in sorting them out and selecting the ones that are right for you. (See our list of Progressive Organizations.)

However you do it, whether independently — through Grass Roots organization, or through larger organizations, or all three combined — do something now and do something everyday. Much is at stake.

We are here to help!