I’m George J. Little, an old man from the Florida Panhandle. I have been a small-town trial attorney for about 37 years. Despite choosing to live in a small town, I have, from time to time, handled some complicated cases and have practiced often in Federal Court. If you want to know more about my legal experience, you can find it here.

I also do freelance writing and enjoy video creation and nature photography. I love to hike and canoe and always have a camera in hand to capture the wonders of nature that I encounter.

I love all types of science. My formal education in science is lacking, but I follow it none-the-less.  I am quite concerned about our environment’s ability to sustain us on this planet much longer. If we mess this one up, we have nowhere else to live.

I come from people who lived off the land. They taught me that If you take from the land, you must give back to it as well. It is a system that we must again come to understand, appreciate, and respect. We should learn to live within nature, not against nature.

Mainly though, I am just trying to grow old as gracefully as I can. Miss the mark sometimes and do a little rabble-rousing.