This is a site primarily for independent, progressive thinkers and planners. It also attempts to provide art and entertainment to round off the rough edges. It was founded by George J. Little as an independent music site (thus the name of the site), evolved from there to a personal blog, and from there, in response to the political and environmental crises of 2016, to an activists’ forum. It was most recently repurposed to be a companion site for a grassroots organization we have formed in the Florida Panhandle.

We actively seek input from other progressives and progressive groups. If you or your organization have helpful tips, tricks, strategies or organization assitance, please let us know.

Here’s how the site became to be what it is today . . .

November 27, 2016
George J. Little (founder of Indieway)

I woke on the Sunday morning after the 2016 election and, having watched the streets of our cities filled with tens of thousand of protesters for a couple of days, having watched the surreal episode of Saturday Night Live (where they did not even attempt to start out with humor), having listened to Leonard Cohen even more than usual after his death and having listened to Leon Russell after his death, had a strange feeling, a sense of something happening, something remote and yet familiar. Aha, it feels like the late 1960’s again. For those of you not alive then, welcome to a world where shit is real. Welcome to an America unraveling at the seams. I’ve been there before and, in a sadly strange, yet nostalgic way, I look forward to that feeling again. Maybe this time, drugs won’t destroy the movement. Maybe this time, the Renaissance will take full root. After all the painful battles, maybe this time Peace will prevail.

That feeling has spurred me to action. Just signing petitions and donating money is not enough. It’s time to get engaged. Progressives need to be smarter and more organized than ever. At a time when many of us feel helpless, we all need to find something productive to do. Just expressing our feelings on social media is not enough. We need to live within the movement, not just comment on it. The renovation of this website to promote organization of the newly motivated progressive movement is a little something I can do to become engaged. What can you do?

We all get tired of just being asked to sign petitions and donate money (and the latter seems to always follow the former). Those things help, but we should all become engaged in more meaningful ways. After all, it’s not just about raising money – that’s one of the problems we are fighting against – a society where money votes instead of people. It should be about how we organize and take action. It’s hard to know how best to become engaged, believe me, I understand. It’s hard to know which lawmakers to phone, which groups and organizations are the most effective, which are real, and which are fake. As an individual, it’s hard for you to know where your investment of time (and money if you have any to donate) will be most helpful and most likely to produce real results. These problems are what we hope to address in this website. You will not be asked for money here. Instead, you will be provided information to assist you in becoming engaged.

One thing you can do right here, right now, is learn what you can to make your efforts more effective. Look over our lists and read our articles. Another thing you can do right here, right now, is support this site – not with your money, not by signing petitions, but with your participation in this effort to facilitate organization. We all need to act smartly and definitively now to create the America we want. Those of us from my generation (who were active in the 1960’s) want to see it done right this time. We want to see a lasting enlightenment emerge. The world is much better than it was in the 60’s, but it still has a long way to go.

This is not about me. It’s about you. I’m not volunteering to be an instrumental organizer. I’m too old and too tired to fill that role. Rather, this is a website that can do some part to help you to organize, mainly by providing information and connections to bring the various people and groups together. Many new people, groups, campaigns, organizations, movements, and channels are springing up everywhere now and faster than many of us can keep up. Perhaps we can help to aggregate and organize the ones from in and around the 2nd Congressional District here in some helpful way. Perhaps you can help me. Your participation is needed and appreciated!

Join me by perusing the menu or checking out our recent posts and sharing your comments. Tell us about people, groups, campaigns, organizations, movements, and channels that we have missed. Tell us about your experiences with the ones we have listed. Let us know if there any problems you have seen with the ones we have promoted. Let us know the ones you think are most effective. Please like our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter @indiewaycom. You can share comments and information with us through our Contact Form, or message us through our Facebook or Twitter above.

I look forward to working with you to make an America and a World that is much better, more sustainable, more respectful of nature,  with more freedom and acceptance and less ignorance and hate. Let’s get organized and get started.